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The Choice Program at UMBC, a not-for-profit organization, has engaged, mentored, trained, and advocated for disconnected youth. It’s goals are to reduce recidivism of young people involved in the justice system, reduce placement in foster care for youth in the social services system and and strength- en youth and family ties to the community through increased educational and vocational opportunities



As part of the HCC 710 Graphics assignment, I had the opportunity to work on the Identity system for the CHOICE PROGRAM for promoting the mission of the program, THE FLYING FRUIT CAFE.

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The choice Program recruits Youth, referred from a variety of different sources including the juvenile justice system, social services system, Maryland public schools and the Community.  Staff members have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youth living in Maryland's highest-risk commu- nities. Their focus areas include job readiness training, education support, foster care diversion, and probation support. The Parterns  support the choice Program in implementing the initiatives designed to strengthen communities, families, and develop community-based services to promote the development of youth. 




The Identity System is designed to encourage positive attitudes in its target groups. Creative designs, content, colors, typography, layout are essential to evoke an emotional connection with the people. In my Identity system designs for Youth, Staff and Partner, there is a slight variation in the content. For youth, there is more focus on Training and Job Opportunities. For staff, there is more focus on their roles, responsibilities, and benefits. For Partners, its Choice Vision, Mission, program overview, services, and its impact. I used bright colors to reflect positivity, energy, empower- ment and success. The unifying visual design elements across the designs for each stakeholder group are the typefaces (Impact and Baskerville). Overall, these designs seem much cleaner and easy to read.


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